Sock Art began with a desire to find a craft that could be done at the dinner table. Due to health issues, I was only able to drink my food in liquid form for about three years. That meant that dinner time became a little restless for me as I watched everyone else enjoy a crunchy salad or carve into a steak.

 So, I found a small box, a needle, thread and a spare sock and brought it to the dinner table.  It freed me to stay with the people I loved and engage in good conversation while doing something creative with my hands.

Since then, it has turned into a small business that supplies all kinds of animals to tourist shops in Alberta and BC and online through ETSY.  See shops for details.

I'm now able to eat regular food again but I still enjoy making these sock creations and feel thankful for this strange circumstance that brought about something so enjoyable! Check out the gallery to see the variety of  creations that can come from socks!