I'm grateful to have a steady supply and demand relationship with a few tourist shops in BC and Alberta where I send them a box full of Canadian sock animals. But after making 20 bears or moose or Canadian geese, I'm ready for something different!

Robots! I just looked through my supply of socks and felt and decided to make whatever came to mind. I looked up some classic images of robot toys and metal robots and challenged myself to make them out of soft material instead. These went to be sold in a coffee shop in a trendy neighbourhood in our city. (This grey sock robot is about 6" tall with a tiny sock bear in it's arm,  2" tall).

The bonus to adding variety is this . . .  as you add new and unexpected products to your stock of items for sale, it may peak someone's interest who would normally pass by your regular line of creative work. It is a way of building a bigger audience by appealing to different likes. It also keeps my own sense of creativity fresh and challenging. 

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