Wading in . . .

One thing I've learned in this creative business is that wading in can be just the right pace!  Sometimes ideas need to be slowly explored and evaluated as we go rather than trying to decide and commit all at once.

For instance, this past year I explored the idea of applying and setting up shop at a permanent farmer's market. I looked into the details and thought that it seemed quite manageable. I emailed the organizer and asked ten questions. He returned my email with his answers and I decided to apply. The application itself took some time, some decision making and needed some good photos etc. Then a few months later, my application was accepted and I was given a date to show up to a jury who would view my products and either approve or reject them. The first date got cancelled due to scheduling issues for the organization and a second date was then set for the following month.

By the time the actual jury date came around, other life circumstances had happened, new information had come my way regarding my own calendar commitments for the year and it was beginning to look like being a vendor every Saturday was NOT a good fit for me. I didn't know this months ago when I started exploring, but I knew now. So I sent an email a few weeks before the jury date and thanked them for the opportunity and withdrew my application. 

I have no regrets! Had I jumped in to the deep end right away, I would not have learned some of the information I needed in order to make a good decision and one that I could follow through with. Wading in . . . one step at a time . . . allowed me to explore and get closer to the answers I was looking for. 

What are you considering these days? Is there a way to wade in, explore, learn new information by taking a few steps? Go for it! Wade in, the water's fine!