Chip Away

Time seems to come in small chunks, small opportunities and surprising windows of creative energy. If we wait until an entire day off presents itself, well . . . there's always laundry or yard work to do too.

So, another alternative is to 'chip away' at something!

I'm finishing a master's degree right now and my health requires that I take good care of myself. So my day is divided between studying, regular house-stuff, rest and creativity. 

These little bears were made in a few days during my study breaks. During one break, I'd create the main body form. Later that day, I'd curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee and create the ears, nose and tail. The next day, I'd dig through my box of supplies and find the perfect 'sweater' for them to wear and later that day - attach it on. It felt good to have completed a small cute project in the midst of heavy-brain-studying-work! And then, at the end of the week, someone bought them! Bonus!